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Users expecting genAI to lead to higher salaries

Half (49%) of all users expect genAI to lead to higher salaries – an expectation that’s even higher (76%) among employees who use the technology daily. More than 70% of users agree that genAI tools will create opportunities to be more creative at work (73%) and improve the quality of their work (72%), according to consultancy PwC’s Global Workforce survey.

76% of all users expect AI to create opportunities to learn new skills at work, the survey, comprising 56,000 workers across 50 countries and territories, shows. 

“However, employers will need to invest heavily in new and emerging technology training and access. Among employees who have not used genAI at work in the last 12 months, one-third (33%) don’t think there are opportunities to use the technology in their line of work, while 24% don’t have access to the tools at work, and 23% don’t know how to use the tools.”

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Key findings:

  • – 45% of workers say their workload has increased significantly in the past year, as almost two-thirds (62%) say the pace of change at work has increased over the same time.
  • – 28% say they are very or extremely likely to switch employer in the next 12 months.
  • – 46% strongly or moderately agree that their employer provides adequate opportunities to learn new skills. This is particularly important for workers considering leaving: 67% say opportunities to learn new skills are a key factor in any decision to job-switch
  • – More than 80% of workers who use generative AI daily expect it to make their time at work more efficient in the next 12 months.
  • – Cost-of-living pressures ease slightly: the proportion of workers with money left over each month rises to 45% compared to 38% in 2023. However, 52% say they are still financially stressed.

“As workers face heightened uncertainty, rising workloads and continue to face financial stress, they are prioritising skills growth and embracing new and emerging technologies such as genAI to turbocharge their growth and accelerate their careers”, says Carol Stubbings, Global Markets and Tax & Legal Services Leader, PwC UK, 

“The findings suggest that job satisfaction is no longer enough. Employees are placing an increased premium on skills growth in a climate characterised by constant technological change. Employers must ensure they are investing in their employees and technological platforms to mitigate employee pressures and retain the brightest talent.”

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