Adele ‘unshuffled’ on Spotify

Adele ‘unshuffled’ on Spotify

Adele’s huge success made it possible for her to dictate (to some extend) the Spotify features on her album: the ‘Shuffle’ function got downgraded so that the users get to listen to her ’30’ LP’s tracks in the order the artist intended.

It is though more of a structural change, rather than a feature elimination; according to Spotify’s statement, they just made ‘Play’ the default button on all albums, but users can still chose to shuffle them, they just need to go to the ‘Now Playing View’ and select the function from there.

Spotify’s exact statement was: “As Adele mentioned, we are excited to share that we have begun rolling out a new Premium feature that has long been requested by both users and artists to make play the default button on all albums,” the streaming service said. “For those users still wishing to shuffle an album, they can go to the Now Playing View and select the shuffle toggle. As always, we will continue to iterate our products and features to create the best experiences for both artists and their fans.”

And Spotify of course responded:


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