Digital artist Sophia benefiting from trendy NFT art

Digital artist Sophia benefiting from trendy NFT art

Artists Mike Winkelmann, online called Beeple, recently sold a digital piece of art at Christie’s auctions for breathtaking USD 69 million as the interest for NFT art is booming. And now it’s time for another NFT auction but this time also the artist is digital. Her name is Sophia, a social humanoid robot who is selling her art at the Nifty Gateway platform.

Sophia’s NFTs are reportedly based on the works of artist Andrea Bonaceto with IV Gallery, a Los Angeles-based gallery, in charge of curating the collection.

Commenting on the creative process behind Sophia’s interpretation of Bonaceto’s art, David Hanson, creator of Sophia, told

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“We fed Andrea’s works into Sophia’s own neural networks, along with many of Sophia’s latest paintings. Subsequently, she generated a powerful series of new images, which she then rendered both digitally and as brush strokes, which she painted with her own hands.”

NFT – the registration of a digital work of art on a blockchain, is very trendy and short for non-fungible token and the ownership is registered on a blockchain. Any type of media is fine: art, video, music, gifs, games, text or memes. The non-fungible means it´s a unique object and irreplaceable. NFTs prove authenticity and ownership and is the basis for digital collectibles and virtual goods.

Specialists at auction house Christie’s say digital Art has been an established artistic medium since the advent of the personal computer.

“However, before the introduction of NFTs and blockchain technology it was impossible for even the most celebrated digital artists to claim their place in the art market. These mechanisms have paved the way for future of art of purely digital means.”

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