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Lego to launch its first LGBTQIA+ set

Lego celebrates diversity with its first LGBTQIA+ set

Lego, maker of our beloved childhood toys, is celebrating the diversity of its fans all over the world, by debuting its first ever LGBTQIA+ set in time for Pride month.

The new set, named “Everyone Is Awesome,” comes in rainbow colors and comprises 11 minifigures, each with an assigned rainbow color, resting on a multi-colored platform inspired by the rainbow flag. The minifigures each have their own hairstyle, but are not specifically designed to be of either gender. 

The Danish toymaker’s set was designed by Lego Vice President of Design, Matthew Ashton. “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love,” Ashton said. “Children are our role models and they welcome everyone, no matter their background. Something we should all be aspiring to.”

Lego LGBTQIA+ set

In a video and story posted on the Lego website, Ashton shares his experience growing up LGBTQIA+, and explains how the way others treated him affected his self-confidence. 

“Being quite an effeminate kid, I was constantly told by different adults around me what I should and shouldn’t play with, that I needed to behave like a ‘real boy’ and to toughen up,” he says. “I was dissuaded from doing the things that came most naturally to me. I think many of the adults around me were doing all of this to try to protect me from getting bullied, but I was actually fine with all the kids at school. All of that has had an impact on me in many ways; it was really exhausting and kicked my confidence.”

For him, this new set can serve as a message of support. “If I had been given this set by somebody after having come out, it would have been such a relief to have known that somebody had my back,” Ashton says.

The “Everyone is Awesome” set goes on sale on June 1, the start of Pride Month, and will be available online and in Lego stores.

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