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‘To return’… to a great a film with amazing women for tonight!

Spanish renowned film maker legend Pedro Almodovar has made around 40 films (a bit depending on how you count). Almost all of them include portraits of strong women. The men are normally not very important and often pathetic. The women are not obviously and visibly strong but there is a hardship and an ability to fix whatever.

“I will write male and female characters, but I do find at least in Spanish culture, women to be more vivacious, more direct, more expressive, with a lot less off a sense of being fearful of making a fool of themselves”.

If you need a good film that has this obvious Almodovarian touch with portraits of strong women, are melodramatic and that you are not quite sure if it could be called a comedy or not, try his ‘Volver‘ (Spanish for ‘to return’) from 2006.

The film is written and directed by Almodovar. One of the leading roles is played by one of his favourites, Penélope Cruz who plays Raimunda, a struggling working class woman with a 14 year old daughter and an alcoholic good-for-nothing husband.

Another strong woman in the film is Raimunda’s mother Irene who actually returns from the dead! She had a few loose ends to fix so, to return was necessary.

It’s a film about sex, loneliness and death. Described as a comedy it offers realism, melodrama, farce and tragedy.

If you find the portraits of women irresistible, check his track record! There’s a lot of them!



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