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FT Women in Business Forum

WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB)

Geographical Area: Global | Business Area: Board

WomenExecs on Boards (WEoB) is a global network of qualified, Board ready women with C-Suite and senior executive experience.

Their aim is to “to position women qualified through Harvard Business School Women on Boards and other equivalent Harvard corporate governance programs to serve on corporate boards through networking, support and education.”

WEoB was set up in November 2018. ​All of its members are participants of the Harvard Business School Executive Education program: Women on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director. Currently, WEoB consists of 190 members from 24 countries.

​The women in WEoB’s network provide corporate boards with what they need in today’s highly competitive business environment to:

  • improve gender diversity and equality on their boards,
  • expand perspectives and experiences ultimately enhancing board performance,
  • send a signal to employees, shareholders, and customers that positioning women and minorities as leaders is important to the organization, and
  • improve the bottom line.

Their Shared Values


The Network is about:

  • Connecting internally and externally
  • Supporting and encouraging each other
  • Positioning and referring each other for boards and high-level corporate positions


Commitment to:

  • Advancing their knowledge
  • Excellence in achieving their mission
  • Each other’s success
  • Leaving the ladder down and reaching down to pull others up


Courage Means:

  • Changing the status quo
  • They are willing to step out and break barriers where they need to be broken



For more information about WEoB you can visit their website:

Or you can contact them at: , +1 405-437-4772


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