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habits of people who never get stressed

5+1 habits of people who never get stressed

Everyone gets stressed, more or less! It’s absolutely normal and a sign that we are human! However, high levels of stress can be immobilizing and negatively affect many aspects of our everyday life.

I personally belong to those people that – by nature – get easily stressed, especially at work. I have found myself worrying about things like tough workloads, strict deadlines and complex tasks that I never thought I could cαrry through, or even worrying about what my managers were thinking of me.

And then, there are people like my husband. Tiny “Buddhas”, that never get stressed about anything! And even though sometimes this is extremely annoying, I have to admit that he has really helped me many times to take a step back and reassess some situations.

Those people are not inhuman or superheroes. And while some of them are more relaxed by mother nature, they have adopted specific habits that help them stay calm (as much as they can).

If you are looking for ways to reduce your stress levels, take a look at 5 things stress-free people tend to do!

1. They take a break

When they feel they have reached their limits, they allow themselves to take a step back and take a breath. A pause at that moment helps them relax, think more clearly and boost their performance. Indeed, studies have found that breaks can reduce or prevent stress, and help to maintain performance throughout the day.

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2. They don’t focus on the small details

Remember that old saying “don’t miss the forest for the trees”? Which means that if you focus on too many details you will fail to see the overall view. Stress-free people tend to focus their time and energy on things that really matter.

3. They take care of themselves

They realize that it’s very important – for both their mental and physical health – to have some quality, free time for themselves. That means they find time to relax and say “no” to plans whenever it’s necessary. And no, that’s not selfish. It’s essential in life to be guilt-free while we’re managing our personal time with the things we actually want to do, as opposed to the things we feel obligated to do.

4. They stay organised

When your program is heavy and the responsibilities too many, it’s important to define your priorities. Having a daily plan of what needs to be done (and following it) will save your day and make you feel less stressed.

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5. They have found their “safe place”

People who manage their anxiety effectively wouldn’t have made it without a little help. Exercising, having a hobby or some other creative activity helps them relax. Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression.

happy place sign

And a bonus tip…

Stop trying to please everyone!

Guess what! Those persons that rarely get stressed are not people-pleasers! They don’t seek everyone’s approval and love. They don’t say yes to everyone and every request, and they don’t put other people’s needs before theirs. Trying to please everyone is a disease and can bring lots of stress and anxiety in your life. So, take a step back and try to be the real you, to stand up for yourself, to say no. Not everyone will like or love you, and that’s okay. 

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