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Marketing leaders plan job cuts as result of GenAI

26% of marketing leaders plan headcount reductions as a result of GenAI in 2024”, according to a recent survey by market research firm Gartner. 87% of marketers worry that technology, including GenAI, will replace jobs in their industry. 

89% of marketers are concerned about layoffs at their company. 61% have experienced technology and/or process change in the past 12 months, according to the survey..

“CMOs must refocus their talent strategy and prioritize development with a strong focus on upskilling and change management to ensure their function is prepared in the face of ongoing disruption”, says  Iliyana Hadjistoyanova, Director at Gartner Marketing.

50% of marketers think martech is complicated and difficult to use, and two thirds say learning takes time away from day-to-day responsibilities, according to the survey

63% report that marketing lacks the technical skills to successfully integrate and operate some of the technologies in their stack. 

47% of marketers are already using GenAI. The majority in the survey expressed concern about technology replacing jobs in their industry. 

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The company’s report says that marketers who engage in higher GenAI use are 30% less likely to report high burnout, and 40% less likely to intend to leave their jobs in the next year.

“Marketing’s use of technology is constantly adapting, and the accelerated adoption of GenAI will encourage greater performance and engagement, enhance creativity, as well as free up time and allow marketers to engage in more thought-intensive work,” said Hadjistoyanova. 

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