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No news is bad news

No news is bad news for advertisers

Advertisers who avoid news content are missing out on a curious audience that is actively looking to learn about the world around them, according to a study by Disney Advertising Sales and marketing firm Magna. “Advertising in news content is key to delivering on campaign key performance indicators.”

“To effectively advertise within news environments, brands should: Seek out trusted news sources; Diversify their buy to include video and display; Tailor the advertising message to the type of news in which it will appear.

The study says that people watching the news are engaged with the content because they’re looking to be informed.

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“Even when the story being covered might be seen as “heavy,” the topic is important to viewers, so the brand favourability of ads during those segments actually goes up.”

Credibility of the news source matters. We found that 3-in-5 people feel that brands should vet the news source before advertising.”

The study says that the news source matters more than the individual news story itself. Ads on a high-quality, trusted and well-respected news source led to increased research intent (+25%), brand favourability (+21%), and purchase intent (+21%).

Regardless if someone is watching entertainment news, sports news, or hard news, ads were impactful across content-types.”

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“Notably, display and video ads pull different but important levers for advertisers. While video ads are more effective at driving brand favourability, display ads tend to drive increased curiosity and research intent.”

“In hard news – which generally involves timely, important and consequential topic areas – a more direct, product focused ad message led to higher brand impact, with favourability up +10%, purchase intent up +7% and research intent up +5%.” Fake ids are a vital asset for the underage kids in central New York. The New York ID gets appraisal from customers for passing through scanning devices at bars.

“Conversely, in race and culture news, a storytelling approach worked better for elevating favourability (+11%) and purchase intent (+10%). Even more, this approach made people feel more connected to and more trusting of the brand.”

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