Survey shows how ads are mixed up with search results

Survey shows how ads are mixed up with search results

Advertising in connection with search results are useful for advertisers despite surveys showing consumers don’t remember having seen these ads. A new report stresses that consumers don’t remember the ads as they see them as part of the search result. They read and click not having thought about them as advertising messages.

Marketing company Skai’s senior director of content marketing, Josh Dreller, blogs at advertising organization IAB Europe’s website.

“In a new Skai survey of 1000 consumers, half reported that they don’t remember seeing ads in the Amazon search results in the last 30 days! While this is undoubtedly a bit mind-boggling given that almost every Amazon search has sponsored ads, the fact that they seamlessly coexist with the organic search makes sense, given that 60% of consumers don’t recognize paid search ads on Google”.

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“…at times, consumers can be somewhat skeptical of ads so if they think your Amazon ad is an organic search result, they may be more likely to read and click it.”

Key Takeaways

  • Half don’t see ads47% of consumers reported not noticing the Amazon ads in search results.
  • Most say they don’t click ads69% said that they don’t click Amazon ads—but given the fact that almost half don’t notice them, it’s probably much lower than that.
  • Very few completely dislike the adsWhen asked about their usefulness, only 11% labelled Amazon ads as Disruptive.
  • 3 out of 4 don’t mind targeted ads. How do consumers feel about advertisers targeting them by the keywords they use to search or their purchase/buying behaviour? Most thought it was okay.
    • 5% answered It’s helpful. As long as they don’t know who I am, I am fine with being shown ads for products I might actually want.
    • 45% answered It’s fine. I don’t have to click them, so let them advertise to me.

The survey says consumers are using search engines and social media to discover products to buy on Amazon. Marketers need to utilize these channels as part of the full online funnel, the Skai report says.

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