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Finding Gen Z

This is where marketers will find Gen Z

Gen Z, defined as 15 to 24 year olds, spend 67.7% of their media time online – a higher percentage than  any other group. Marketers wanting to reach this group should go for social media and streaming audio. Global social media for this group is expected to reach 177 minutes per day next year. Music streaming dominates the rest of this group’s media usage and is forecasted to reach two hours per day in 2023, according to advertising research firm WARC’s report Finding Gen Z.

While it is such an online generation, the report shows the volume of offline media consumed by 16 to 24s has remained largely unchanged over the past decade but with a slight dip in linear TV consumption since 2013.

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Gen Z’s  total daily average minutes spent consuming audio and visual media content is lower than for older Millennials and Gen X. Since 2018, 16–24s globally have consumed less than 25–34s, and the difference is growing. By 2023, the 25 to 34 group is expected to consume 14.4 hours of media per day compared to 13 hours for 16 to 24 year olds. The trend is valid across all channels except for social media and music streaming globally.

Social media consumption varies across regions, with Latin America being number one and with China and the Asia Pacific below global average.

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The report says that while Millennials’ media habits have been defined by curated image-led social platforms, Gen Z are more drawn to video first apps like TikTok. Gen Z prioritises authenticity while downgrading creators and marketers who produce adjusted content. One example taken in the report is real-time photo-sharing BeReal that has more than 10 million users and is understood to deliver unfiltered content, the opposite to more artificial imagery on for instance Instagram.

The report also includes some global ad trends:

  • Search ad spend will overtake total premium  video in 2023
  • Consumers favour useful Amazon ads while marketers prefer Instagram
  • Technology and electronic sectors will lead ad growth this year and next
  • TikTok revenues will grow 41.5% as social media companies face USD 40 billion shortfall in 2023
  • Disney will overtake netflix in total subscriptions
  • Meta and Twitter ad revenue Q2, 2022 stalls while Spotify continues to climb
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