Why women do not own

Why women do not own
A painful fact and a brilliant campaign

The Swedish SEB bank has launched last year a brilliant campaign with the title ‘Why women do not own’ as part of their initiative for Financial Equality for a more equal society.

Using data from the think tank Ownershift, SEB wanted to show the differences in ownership between women and men, as a way of contributing to greater economic equality in the world and as a part of their sustainability efforts – and advertising their products and their brand of course, in a brilliant, responsible way.

Even though the video focuses in the Swedish reality, it is thankfully in English – and unfortunately women around Europe can easily recognize the same pattern in their countries.

Moonshot.news tried to contact SEB’s marketing team to get some more background and input on the initiative, but unfortunately there was no response – so the only data included below are the ones mentioned on SEB’s website.

But that does not make the facts any less painful:


The facts shown in SEB’s video were taken from the following sources:

  • Women own 33 % of privately owned shares in Sweden (Euroclear, 2020).
  • Women own 25 % of the property value in Sweden (Lantmäteriet, 2019).
  • Women own 15 % of land in Sweden (Lantmäteriet, 2016).
  • Women’s wages are roughly 90 % of men’s (Swedish National Mediation Office, 2019).
  • Women’s pensions are 69 % of men’s (Swedish Pensions Agency, 2018).
  • According to Bolagsverket, 26% of all beneficial owners are women, 72% are men and 2% are unknown.


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