Three big tech presenting diversity reports

Three big tech presenting diversity reports

”We’re on a journey to become the world’s most inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible tech company — it’s key to serving the public conversation”, Twitter says in an update of its diversity report. 45.8% of all roles at Twitter are held by women, up from 44.7% in last year´s diversity report. The company says the goal is to have at least 50% women by 2025.

In June 2022, 32% of Twitter technical roles were held by women and 41.7% of leaders were women.

The Twitter update was published in connection with a blog post by vice president James Loduca presenting internal courses including in diversity.

Two of the other big tech companies have published diversity reports earlier this summer: Google and Meta.

Meta reported work force comprising 62.9% men and 37.1% women. In leadership positions, 63.3% are men and 36.7% women. 74.2% of technicians are men and 25.8% are women.

Google said 37.6% of the hires were women, up from 33.1% a year ago. In leadership roles, the male dominance is obvious even if the percentage of women has increased: in 2022, women hold 30.5% of leadership roles compared to 28.1% a year ago. Men still hold 69.5% of the leadership roles, down from 71.9% a year ago.

Meta stressed that its policy towards remote working promotes diversity of the workforce.

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The company says it for the first time is hiring individuals who are fully remote and working from locations where the company does not have offices and that this is increasing the diversity of candidates and workforce. 75% of staff is working from multiple locations.

In the past year, candidates who accepted remote job offers were more often underrepresented people, Meta says. Since 2019, the number of women in the global workforce has doubled.

The company stresses its approach to remote working saying that working at Meta isn’t limited by geography — approximately 75% of teams at Meta are working across multiple locations.

From the Meta report:

  • Globally, candidates who accepted remote job offers were more likely to be women.
  • “We’re collaborating with diverse companies, developers, experts and policymakers to build the metaverse — the next generation of digital experiences — with diversity, equity and inclusion from the start.”.
  • Through promotions and hiring, the company says it is on track to achieve (and in some cases exceed) the goal to increase the representation of all people of colour in leadership positions in the US by 30% by 2025.

Google´s separate diversity report for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) shows hiring of women overall increased of 14% the last year. Women made up 28% of tech hires, 49.2% of non-tech hires and 47.1% of leadership hires. This is an increase year on year of 27% for non-tech and 64% for leadership hires with tech hires staying the same.

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“Our focus on increasing representation of women in leadership roles across EMEA is showing promising results. We saw a significant gain of 10% in the representation of women in leadership roles which now stands at 29.7%. It’s good to see progress, but there is more to do here”, Karina Govindji. Google Senior Director, LEAD – Global Workforce Diversity, wrote in a blog post.

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