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The importance of diverse recruiting

Tools to prioritise diversity in recruiting

Studies show the importance for companies to stress diversity and inclusion when recruiting. LinkedIn has announced new features to help companies increase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their workforce. Starting from August the company is gradually rolling out “Diversity Nudges” in LinkedIn Recruiter to help recruiters boost gender representation in their candidate search, Hari Srinivasan, vice president of product, announced.

The company says its research shows that while 77% of talent professionals acknowledge diversity is very important to the future of recruiting, 47% believe hiring managers aren’t held accountable for interviewing a diverse slate of candidates.

Furthermore, LinkedIn data shows that 46% of entry level roles globally are held by women today.

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“Still, there is much work to be done. Equality becomes more elusive as you climb the seniority ladder. Globally women only hold 35% of manager roles, and 25% of C-suite roles. Even in industries where women make up more than half of the workforce, such as Education or Wellness and Fitness, there’s still a distinct shortage of women in leadership positions,” the company said in a statement..

The nudges are triggered and a notification pops up when search results in a talent pool show an imbalanced ratio of male and female candidates, the platform explained.

Moreover, the feature “Our Featured Commitments” facilitates companies to highlight on their LinkedIn company page their values, initiatives and commitments to DEI, work-life balance, environment sustainability, social impact and career growth and learning.

Finally, the company adds six new learning paths in Learning, highlighting learning from available 475 DEI-related courses across seven languages, Srinivasan said.

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Four of these learning paths aimed to support employers make progress and achieve their DEI targets, are free of charge until September 8, 2022.

They include:
1.      Recruit Diverse Talent and Promote Equitable Hiring
2.      Manage Diverse and Inclusive Teams
3.      Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for All
4.      Create an Inclusive Work Culture

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