Top inclusive companies and regions

according to consultancy company Refinitiv
Top inclusive companies and regions

In recent years, it has been established that companies that prioritized a diverse and inclusive environment and worker satisfaction outperformed both financially and in the equity markets and that culturally diverse boards outperform for equity investors – by a considerable margin.

The pandemic has added a universal extra focus on physical and mental survival and data shows that employees’ satisfaction is essential to business success, and corporations are now figuring out how they will support that value in the new COVID-influenced world. According to the financial data consultancy company Refinitiv, the major issues of the last couple of years are two: the return to work and board diversity.

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The return to work

Since the global pandemic forced many employees to give up commutes or crowded offices for remote working, the news has been full of stories with conflicting views of productivity, the work-life balance and the desire to head back into offices. Now, as many companies are considering or starting to encourage employees back to the office, some previously neglected inclusion and people development metrics might become top of mind for management teams. Research from MarketPsych has found that employee satisfaction does affect stock prices. The analysis found in basic quantitative research, when S&P 500 companies are ranked by their past month’s Workplace Sentiment score, the stock prices of companies with extremely high scores (top 5% significantly outperform those with low scores (bottom 5%) month after month.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of all kinds is important for companies and investments and it takes into account gender and cultural diversity, with the view of incorporating race and ethnicity data in the future. 

Refinitiv has introduced a Diversity and Inclusion rating that measures a company’s D&I performance against 24 separate metrics across four key pillars. The data is gathered from publicly available information sources and is manually collected to ensure that the information is standardized, comparable and reliable and they are using these measurements to rate the companies. 


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The top diverse companies globally are:

  1. Gap Inc – Specialty Retailers (USA)
  2. Royal Bank of Canada – Banking Services (Canada)
  3. Accenture Plc – Software & IT Services, (Ireland)
  4. Owens Corning – Homebuilding & Construction Supplies (USA)
  5. Allianz SE – Insurance (Germany)
  6. BlackRock, Inc. Investment Banking & Investment Services (USA)
  7. Enel S.p.A. Electric Utilities & IPPs (Italy)
  8.  Coca Cola HBC AG Beverages (Switzerland)
  9. Kering SA Specialty Retailers (France)
  10. Marriott International Inc Hotels & Entertainment Services (USA)

The top diverse regions globally are:

top inclusive regions

Diversity Measurement Pillars

The four key pillars that companies should take into consideration in order to build and measure their diversity and inclusion strategy are:

Diversity Pillar

  • Board gender diversity
  • Board member cultural diversity 
  • Women employees
  • New women employees
  • Women executive employees
  • Women manager
  • Diversity process
  • Diversity objectives 


News and controversies

  • Diversity and opportunity controversies
  • Wages or working conditions controversies


Inclusion pillar

  • Flexible working hours
  • Day care services
  • Employees with disabilities
  • HRC corporate equality index

People Development

  • Internal promotion
  • Average training hours
  • Management training 
  • Career development processes
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Skills training of employees
  • Training costs per employee ($)


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