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Twitter's new diversity data

Twitter’s new diversity data show gains in women representation

Twitter released its Inclusion & Diversity data for the first half of 2021, which show some progress regarding women representation in its global workforce and representation of under-represented communities in the U.S.

The company said women now make up 43.7% of its global workforce, up from 42.7% in 2020. But in terms of leadership there has been a setback, with women now making up 37.7% of global leadership roles, versus 38.2% in 2020.

In the U.S., Black people represent now 8.4% of Twitter’s workforce – up from 7% in 2020 – accounting for 6.7% of technical roles and 7.3% of leadership roles. Meanwhile, Latinx people make up 6.7% of the company’s U.S. workforce – up from 5.5% in 2020 – filling 6.1% of technical roles and 3.9% of leadership roles.


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“We’re determined to keep up the momentum. We’re also mindful that diversity without inclusion doesn’t work. What’s the point of investing deeply in hiring great talent from underrepresented backgrounds if you don’t create an environment that constantly empowers them to share and leverage their unique perspectives and insights at your company?” said Dalana Brand, Vice President, People Experience, and Head of Inclusion & Diversity, outlining the company’s progress in its DEI efforts and the changes in how it supports leaders of its business resource groups (BRGs).


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Twitter said it interviewed the 60-plus employees who manage its BRG leaders one-on-one to learn more about the challenges they faced, and it used those learnings to roll out a manager toolkit to provide more visibility into the work done by the BRG leaders.

BRG leadership was incorporated into annual performance reviews, and the #GoodForTwitter initiative, which also kicked off last year, encouraged all employees to list their involvement with BRGs as part of their annual performance goals and reviews.

The company then took it one step further, creating a formal compensation program for its BRG global leadership team, ensuring fairness by introducing term limits, adding a transparent election process and providing answers to frequently asked questions to BRG members.

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Women now make up 43.7% of the company’s global workforce.

Twitter also has begun an initiative to encourage all managers to drive participation in existing company-wide inclusion and diversity programs. Starting this year, all Tweeps who manage people are required to get their #InclusiveManagerBadge by:

Other related initiatives detailed by Twitter include:

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