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Spotify and Storytel sooperating

Audiobooks going global with Spotify

Spotify announced cooperation with Swedish audiobook streaming group Storytel who’s subscribers will be able to listen to its library of audiobooks on Spotify. Storytel is active on 25 markets, has more than half a million titles in its library and competes with for instance Amazon’s Audible.

“It is Spotify’s goal to be the singular platform for all audio: music, podcasts, live conversations, and now via this partnership, audiobooks,” said Courtney Holt, Global Head of Studios, Spotify. “By utilizing the Spotify Open Access Platform, Storytel will be able to deliver its premium audiobooks offering to their audience using Spotify’s best-in-class platform, all while retaining direct control over their relationship to their audience.”

Spotify recently announced cooperation with Facebook allowing listeners to play music and podcasts directly from the Facebook’s apps.

“The partnership with Spotify enhances Storytel’s distribution and accentuates our vision of making the world a more creative and empathetic place by making stories accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. In practise, the partnership means that consumers who sign up for a Storytel subscription will be able to enjoy a world of stories and audiobooks not only via the Storytel platform but also on Spotify”, Storytel said in a statement.

“Partnering with Spotify make amazing audiobook experiences and exciting authorships easier than ever to access for our customers, while we will also be tapping into the opportunity of reaching new audiences who are on Spotify today, but have not yet experienced the magic of audiobooks”, said Jonas Tellander, founder and CEO, Storytel.

Storytel says it has more than 1.5 million subscribers while Spotify has 356 million monthly active users.


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