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New rules about voting at Twitter

Musk leaving as ceo of Twitter “looking for someone foolish enough to take the job”

Twitter will get a new ceo as soon as new owner Elon Musk finds someone “foolish enough to take the job”, Musk himself says in a tweet. The message came a day after 57.5% of Twitter users had voted him out from the post as head of the company. When he has found a new ceo, he will only lead teams for software and servers.

Only Twitter’s blue subscribers will be allowed to vote on policy for the social media company, its new owner Elon Musk earlier said in a tweet. 

Under Twitter’s new rules, Blue subscribers are those who pay a monthly fee to have a blue tick as a verification of their accounts and early access to select features.

Musk’s freezing of accounts for journalists who had written about his private jet and its flights created strong reactions from, among others, the EU Commission. Musk returned the accounts to their owners after another vote and asked users to also vote if he should stay as head of the company that he two months ago bought for USD 44 billion. 

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Musk said he would abide by the result of the voting. 57.5% said he should step down. Shortly after having bought the company, Musk introduced voting among users on policy. “The people have spoken”, he tweeted when a majority said he should give Donald Trump back his account.


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