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OTT video service subscriptions

OTT video service subscriptions skyrocketed

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread, video streaming skyrocketed as people around the world sheltered at home. The mass consumption of internet-delivered over-the-top (OTT) media wasn’t just a fad, though.

A new research has found that a vast majority of US broadband households now have at least one OTT video service subscription, confirming the high OTT adoption and demand for video services.

Parks Associates’ latest research of 10,000 US broadband households has found 82% of US broadband households now have at least one OTT video service subscription, up from 76% in Q1 2020. 

At the same time, 55% of pay-TV households consider live sports important in their decision to keep the service. Additionally, more than two-thirds of online pay-TV subscribers and 43% of traditional pay-TV subscribers who cancelled their pay-TV service during COVID-19 were likely to re-subscribe following the return of live sports.

According to the same research, 47% of US broadband households are currently subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, making them number two after Netflix.

Amazon Prime subscriptions
Parks Associates: OTT Service Subscriptions

The landmark content rights deal between Amazon Prime Video and the NFL, reportedly worth $1 billion annually, will help increase the service’s subscription uptake and regular viewers through exclusive rights to stream Thursday night football games.

The NFL deal preceded Amazon’s acquisition of film studio MGM for $8.45 billion, announced last week.


penetration of OTT
Parks Associates: Penetration of OTT Video Services


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