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How to use AR and VR in news media

Possibilities but also problems with AR and VR in news media

Using AR and VR can be used by media companies to make readers, particularly the younger generations, more interested in news, argues Belgian digital publishing company Twipe in a presentation on its website. But with any technological advancement, there are threats and limitations seen with AR, VR and the metaverse. The number one risk with all of these news immersive technologies is the threat posed by fake news, the company says.

Reuters Institute’s annual study of digital news states that news fatigue is a challenge for the world media. “As 360-degree videos, interactive AR and VR experiences, and immersive sounds begin to populate the publishing industry, there is huge potential to get readers, particularly the younger generations, more interested in news”, Twipe argues.

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”The number one risk with all of these news immersive technologies is the threat posed by fake news. Through AR and VR, fake news may feel more engaging and impactful. In the metaverse, we have already seen examples of fake news being spread. Worrisome misinformation on COVID19 vaccines spread from a metaverse robot during the pandemic.”

“As people from different parts of the world will start forming a new layer of existence in the metaverse news is likely to be enriched by a new layer of communication. This is a layer that can be highly enlightening, considering the possible different real-life backgrounds of readers.”

”Through discussion, users may become more interested in news from across the world and want to be in the know to present a positive perception of their avatars. Publishers can leverage this reach further.”

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”In the future, the messages and stories of today will likely develop a further focus on reader feelings and impersonation.”

”Generating immersive and interactive stories can add a new dimension to stories. Publishers could use these to place the reader at the scene of the story and experience the news firsthand.”

”Augmented Reality could take local journalism to the next level. Publishers can encourage readers to get out in their local community and interact with others around their town. There is truly a role for these technologies to play in boosting engagement with publishers and giving journalism a new lease of life.”

Twipe says enhanced reader engagement may also extend to advertising. An example is Volkswagen that launched Augmented Reality ads embedded on QR codes. Users could take a virtual drive on a 3D map, add sounds along the way, and record the drives. As a reward, users unlocked 3 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited.

”Rewarding users for the experience is a way of enriching users and getting them to spread positive brand images….There is huge potential for publishers to reboot their advertising revenue and create new and unique relationships with partners.”

”There is no denying, publishing lagged behind in the shift to digital. Publishers had no digital skills, but to keep up and avoid being totally dominated by tech giants, they got them quick. Now is the time for publisher to act: they can’t get left behind again”, the company argues.

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The company says limitations centre around the financing. ”We have seen many experiments take place but not convert due to the cost of turning them into full time ventures. The issue of costs also revolves around consumers. Not all consumers can afford to pay for technology like VR headsets to benefit from these experiments, a reason for the limited interaction some publishers have seen around VR.”


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