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biggest news websites in Europe

These are the 10 biggest European news websites

The world’s biggest news websites are English speaking but Moonshot News has compiled a list of the biggest non-English European news websites.

Not surprisingly the biggest are found in Germany and France that have the biggest populations but a surprise is for instance that Check Republic and Finland have news websites among the top ten measured by visits per month.

News consumption has boomed during the pandemic and it is especially online reading that has increased with many newspapers reporting strong increases of digital subscriptions.

Publishers of print, especially free print papers that commuters are supposed to pick up on public transportation have suffered badly when people started working from there.

Top-ten European non English news websites measured by visits in April according to measurement firm Similar Web:

  1. published by Bild, 200 million – Germany
  2. published by Stroer Digital Publishing, 173 million – Germany
  3., published by newspaper Pravo and a section of portal 120 million – Czech Republic
  4. published by magazine Der Spiegel, 111 million – Germany
  5. published by the newspaper with the same name 96 million – France
  6. published by the newspaper with the same name 89 million – France
  7. published by broadcaster France Info 76 million – France
  8. published by publishing house Mafra  73 million – Czech Republic
  9. published by newspaper with the same name 65.5 million – Finland
  10. published by newspaper Het Laaste Nieuws 60 million – Belgium

Among the English speaking news websites and combined was Number One with 1.27 billion web visits (data available for March).

It was followed by

  • American CNN with 687 million visits on its websites
  • New York Times 377 million
  • British Mail Online 338 million
  • American Yahoo! Finance 328 million
  • 200 year-celegrating British The Guardian 317 million and
  • American Fox News 275 million.



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