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Epic Games and Apple in court case

Epic Games challenging Apple App Store

“I wanted the world to see that Apple exercises total control over all software on iOS, and it can use that control to deny users’ access to apps,” CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, was quoted saying when testifying in a hyped court case addressing Apple’s App Store rules.

Epic is creator of game “Fortnite” and the CEO said he on purpose violated Apple’s rules when he put Epic’s own in-app payment system into the game. The trial, expected to take weeks.

The court case is focusing on two Apple App Store rules:

  • Apple says all third-party software for iPhones shall be distributed through its App Store
  • Developers shall use Apple’s in-app purchase system, which charges commissions of up to 30%.

Epic put its own in-app payment system in “Fortnite” to avoid paying Apple’s commissions. Apple’s answer was that Epic had violated the App Store’s rules and kicked Epic off the App Store. Epic sued Apple saying the company is abusing its power over app developers.

Apple says the App Store rules make consumers safe and willing to pay developers thereby creating a market which all developers benefit from.


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