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Facebook taking down 1.3 billion accounts

There are some who believe that we have a financial interest in turning a blind eye to misinformation. The opposite is true. We have every motivation to keep misinformation off of our apps and we’ve taken many steps to do so at the expense of user growth and engagement, Facebook said in a blog post prior to US authorities examining how tech platforms fight misinformation online.

Facebook says it took down 1.3 billion accounts between October and December and that over the past three years, it has removed over 100 networks of coordinated inauthentic behaviour (CIB) from the platform.

It says that one of the best ways to fight deceptive behaviour is by disrupting the economic incentives structure behind it.

“We’ve built teams and systems to detect and enforce against inauthentic behavior tactics behind a lot of clickbait. We also use artificial intelligence to help us detect fraud and enforce our policies against inauthentic spam accounts.”

”Over the past several years, we have invested in protecting our community and we now have over 35 000 people working on these challenges. We’re making progress thanks to these significant investments in both people and in technology such as artificial intelligence.”

”Since the pandemic began, we’ve used our AI systems to take down Facebook and Instagram fighting antivaxxersCOVID-19-related material that global health experts have flagged as misinformation and then detect copies when someone tries to share them. As a result, we’ve removed more than 12 million pieces of content about COVID-19 and vaccines.”

”As with every integrity challenge, our enforcement will never be perfect even though we are improving it all the time. While nobody can eliminate misinformation from the internet entirely, we continue using research, teams, and technologies to tackle it in the most comprehensive and effective way possible.”

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