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AI changing job mrkets.

AI driving paradigm shift in skills requested for global jobs

Skills required for many global jobs are evolving and have already changed by 25% since 2015. With AI accelerating these shifts, expect jobs to change even more quickly, reaching at least 65% by 2030, a LinkedIn study shows. There is an AI-driven paradigm shift underway, where both technical and people skills are interdependent and are the currency of the future of work”, Karin Kimbrough, Chief Economist at LinkedIn, writes in a summary published at World Economic Forum.

“The age of AI in the workplace is undeniable and holds the promise of better jobs. The surge in demand for AI-related skills along with a resurgence of people-skills found in our data points to a future where a blend of technical proficiency and human-centric qualities will define success.

“At this pivotal moment, we have the opportunity to shape a future of work that is not only efficient but also more human, fulfilling, and inclusive.”

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“Imagine a future of work where people and machines collaborate seamlessly, where productivity is boosted, and creativity is enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). This future is not a distant dream; it is already happening. And it is reshaping the skills that are essential for success in the workplace.”

Kimbrough writes that the study comprises data from over 950 million professionals on LinkedIn. 

Key findings:

  • AI-related skills, like machine learning, are witnessing a surge in demand. For instance, English-language job postings on LinkedIn referencing AI technologies such as GPT or ChatGPT have increased 21 times since November 2022. 
  • It’s not only job postings on the upswing. LinkedIn members are adding AI skills at an accelerated pace. In June 2023, the number of AI-skilled members was 9 times larger than in January 2016, globally.
  • AI skills are spreading from tech to other industries. And with skills spreading, LinkedIn expects this to speed the adoption of AI technology across the economy.
  • At the same time, there is a significant upswing in the demand for people skills. The data show a resurgence of soft skills like communication and flexibility in the job market. Notably, 72% of US executives agree that these skills are more valuable for their organizations than AI skills.
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“Finally, consider the synergy between AI and people skills. AI enables professionals to focus on the distinctly human facets of work—creative thinking, empathetic communication, and collaborative problem-solving, while AI acts as resource to remove the drudgery from work and serve as a catalyst, elevating the importance of people skills in the workplace”, she writes.

“The symbiotic relationship between AI and people-skills has profound implications on the future of work and the skills professionals will need to stay ahead.” 

“As job roles will no longer remain static, professionals will need to adapt, leaning into AI while embracing a skills-first mindset as they continuously assess and improve both the technical and people skills needed to stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving job market.”

“For organizations, success in the future of work depends on recognizing that a balanced workforce, equipped with both AI skills and people skills, is key.” 

World Economic Forum quotes a  recent LinkedIn US Executive Confidence Index Survey showing 47% of executives believe generative AI will boost productivity; 44% plan to augment their AI utilization in the coming year; and 40% view AI as a key to unlocking growth and revenue.

Microsoft’s 2023 Work Trend Index further bolsters this sentiment, revealing that a whopping 70% of individuals would gladly delegate tasks to AI to ease their workloads, WEF writes.

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