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Female students’ investment trend is green

Green and sustainable investing will be the biggest investment trend of 2021, according to a Bloomberg survey of female university students across Europe, MEA and Asia. For the majority of Generation Z female students polled, ‘companies with a purpose’ is a key driver for their investment decisions and many are investing ‘for a better tomorrow’, Bloomberg said. The company hosted a virtual meeting with 600 students and investors.

The event also discussed ways to include more women into the investment community.

“Attracting women to asset management is absolutely critical to the success of the industry. It is the cornerstone of building a more diverse, sustainable and resilient industry for the benefit of all”, said Virginie Maisonneuve, Founding Partner & CEO, MGA Consulting and Founding member, Bloomberg Women’s Buy-Side Network.

”At a time where the world is in a delicate balancing act, it’s imperative to support financial inclusion and promote the best use of capital — not only for financial returns but also to yield multiple long-term stakeholders benefits, from retirement to education.”

Over 600 students from universities across 48 countries participated and 20 investors participated in a virtual Bloomberg event.

The poll showed that 46% of the students made personal financial investments in 2020. Of those 75% invested in stocks, 7% each in bonds and Bitcoin and 10% in other assets.

51% identified green and sustainable investing as the trend with the biggest investment potential in 2021; while 23% chose technology; 13% chose healthcare and 8% chose cryptocurrency.

45% of the respondents said that think investing is important ‘for a better tomorrow’; while 25% said they are investing to feel financially secure, and 19% of them were looking to maximize wealth by investing.

40% of the students said the main driver for their investment decisions was ‘Companies with a purpose’; while 22% saw emerging and innovative technologies as the key driver.


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