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working moms want employers to support them

How working moms want employers to support them

A new survey finds that working moms are increasingly concerned about career advancement amid the pandemic.

A number of studies have shown that the pandemic has had a harsh toll on women’s employment. Even though total employment in the European Union increased during the summer of 2020, the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) says that women gained only half as many jobs as men – an evidence that the economic impact of the pandemic is having longer lasting effects on women.

For women who remained in the workforce, a new survey from WerkLabs, the research division of The Mom Project, shows that 44% of working mothers feel that they are not being paid what they are worth to their organization. They also rated opportunities to advance in their job 51% more negatively than working fathers, Human Resource Executive reports.

The majority of women and moms surveyed feel overwhelmed and anxious. Many moms feel underappreciated at work, for example, rating the competitiveness of their salary for their role as 25% worse than dads surveyed, while they view the degree to which they are paid what they are worth to their organization 33% more negatively than dads.

Compared to working fathers, mothers also rate their managers’ concerns for their wellbeing 10% less favorably, their social connectedness at work 21% more negatively and their workload 31% less manageable.

Dr. Pam Cohen, president of WerkLabs and the study’s lead author, explains that, because current opportunities are slim, many women feel like they have been forced to compromise for roles despite low pay and being overqualified, ultimately hindering their career advancement.

“One year into the pandemic is still a very difficult and anxiety-prone time to be a woman, especially a mother,” says Cohen. “The situation remains dire for many, and we are seeing it manifest not only with women settling for any available job in order to provide for their families but also with rightful concerns around their future career development.”

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