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CEOs forecast economic boom

Majority of CEOs forecast economic boom after pandemic

The majority of CEOs are optimistic when looking at prospects for 2021 and 2022. 60% anticipate an economic boom while 40% think the period will be dominated by stagnation. 35% expect returning to, or exceeding, 2019 revenue levels as early as 2021, according to a survey of CEOs and senior executives in North America, EMEA and APAC made by marketing and consultancy Gartner.

The survey was made during second half of 2020. he survey was made during second half of 2020

“Over half report growth as their primary focus and see opportunity on the other side of the crisis, followed by technology change and corporate action”, said research vice president Mark Raskino at Gartner.

“This year, all leaders will be working hard to decode what the post-pandemic  world looks like and redeveloping mid- to long-range business strategy accordingly. In most cases, that will uncover a round of new structural changes to capability, location, products and business models.”

When asked about their organization’s top five strategic business priorities for the next two years, CEOs’ responses increasingly included “digital,” that was cited by one in five CEOs. Digital capabilities was also the only category in which CEOs intended to increase investment in 2021.

When it comes to specific technologies, artificial intelligence was mentioned as the most industry-impactful technology. Over 30% of respondents said that quantum computing will be highly relevant to their long-range business plans but are still not quite sure how.

“Blockchain, 5G, AI and quantum computing are at the forefront of an emerging economic race between the US and China, with one-third of CEOs believing that evolving trade disputes between the two nations over these technologies are a significant concern for their businesses” Gartner said.

Over 80% of CEOs expect enduring societal behaviour change from the pandemic, such as a permanent shift to hybrid work.



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