The top 10 employers in 5 big markets, according to Glassdoor

The top 10 employers in 5 big markets, according to Glassdoor

Two companies are on the top 10 best employers in four out of five countries in Glassdoor’s annual rating. Both of them software companies: American Salesforce and German SAP. Google is listed as one of the top ten in three of the five countries.

The countries that Glassdoor gives data for are US, UK, Canada, France and Germany.

Glassdoor says that many technology companies made it to the top ten list of best employers in part thanks to their flexible work environments, consistent support throughout the pandemic, and a focus on better pay, benefits, and work-life balance.

According to a recent survey of Glassdoor,

  • nearly half (45%) of employees expect to work hybrid or full-time remotely going forward.
  • Due to a lack of in-person connection during the COVID-19 pandemic, 42% of employees have felt their career stall.
  • Over half (56%) of employees wish they had a community where they could get career advice for how to deal with problems at work, and more than two-thirds (69%) of employees wish they were able to learn more about the team they would be working with when deciding to accept a job.
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Five of the top 10 companies made it to the US top 10 lists two years in a row:  NVIDIA, HubSpot, Bain & Company, Google, and lululemon.

US large companies – Top 10 employers 

  2. HubSpot
  3. Bain & Company
  4. eXp Realty
  5. Box
  6. Boston Consulting Group
  7. Google
  8. Veterans United Home Loans
  9. lululemon
  10. Salesforce


Canada – Top 10 employers 

  1. Dell Technologies
  2. Keg Restaurants
  3. Roche
  4. Ciena
  5. Google
  6. Cisco Systems
  7. Fortinet
  8. Desjardins
  9. SAP
  10. Jazz Aviation


UK – Top 10 employers 

  1. ServiceNow
  2. AND Digital
  3. Salesforce
  4. Immediate Media Company
  5. Abcam
  6. McKinsey & Company
  7. Adobe
  8. VMware
  9. Arm
  10. Meta


France – Top 10 employers 

  1. bioMérieux
  2. Salesforce
  3. Bain & Company
  4. Microsoft
  5. RTE – Le Réseau de Transport d’Electricité
  6. Murex
  7. Hermès
  8. Renault Retail Group
  9. SAP
  10. Schneider Electric


Germany – Top 10 employers 

  1. Salesforce
  2. Google
  3. Boston Consulting Group
  4. Mercedes-Benz
  5. Porsche
  6. SAP
  7. OTTO
  8. Boehringer Ingelheim
  9. Procter & Gamble
  10. Forschungszentrum Jülich


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