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IT and Media news week 12

The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 12

The implications of banning a platform loved by 150 million Americans was not mentioned, a TikTok spokesperson was quoted complaining after the US congressional hearing of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew. The US administration wants the Chinese owned site to sell its US successful service or face the risk of being banned. Background is worries about data security. 

Negative words in headlines make more people read the online news, according to a new study. Earlier research shows that with more negative news, like the war in Ukraine and inflation, an increasing number of people avoid reading the news because it affects their mood negatively. The new study shows negative words have the strongest effect on news about Government and Economy, making more people want to read about it. Positive words decreased consumption rates.

Amazon plans to layoff another 9 000 employees during the next few weeks. The company in January announced that it would cut 18 000 referring to the economic downturn and extensive hiring during the pandemic with booming e-commerce. The new layoffs are mainly at the company’s cloud services and advertising but also at livestreaming platform Twitch that offers gaming and music etc.

Close to three quarters of high tech leaders think their revenue will increase in 2023. This optimistic survey comes after months of reports about big tech companies laying off staffers referring to the economic downturn and less tech demand after the pandemic when people locked up at home demanded more tech services and entertainment. “72% of high tech leaders in the US, Canada and Western Europe have plans to grow revenue in 2023, according to the survey by marketing and research firm Gartner. 

Top editors and male and white. Persons of colour and women are underrepresented. Overall, 23% of the 81 top editors across 100 brands in five countries are people of colour, despite that on average, 44% of the general population are people of colour, a new survey by Reuters Institute shows. Only 22% of 180 top editors across 240 news outlets are women, despite that on average, 40% of journalists in 12 markets investigated are women, a previous study by the Institute has shown.

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