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The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 13

“Governments” are announcing actions against big tech companies in a struggle about power and control. The EU Commission says it will investigate if Alphabet, Apple and Meta operate in accordance with the EU’s new Digital Markets Act. The Commission’s announcement also addresses Microsoft and Amazon. US government a few days ago announced a court case against Apple saying the company’s power is used to distort competition. US government has also ongoing cases against Amazon, Meta and Alphabet.

People of colour and women are in general underrepresented in top positions in the news media. Overall, 23% of the 75 top editors across 100 online and offline news outlets are people of colour, despite that, on average, 44% of the general population are people of colour, a new study by Reuters Institute shows. In South Africa and the US, there are more top editors of colour than journalists of colour.

Big tech companies must have internal teams to fight disinformation in connection with the election to the European Parliament in June, the EU Commission says in guidelines for big tech companies that must live up to rules in the EU’s Digital Services Act. A new US survey shows that no more than 2 % of Americans really trust OpenAI’s artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT’s  information about the 2024 US presidential elections.

Meta-owned WhatsApp and Facebook dominate the social media landscape in middle income nations. In just a few decades, social media has changed how people around the world interact and communicate. And in eight middle-income countries, two particular platforms – WhatsApp and Facebook – dominate the social media, Pew Research Centre reports.

Security is a key IT investment area for European organisations as they will continue facing  constant threat of cyberattacks and have to secure hybrid work environments while complying with national and international regulations. Spending in the region is expected to increase at a steady pace throughout the whole 2022-2027 forecast period, reaching $84 billion in 2027, market research firm IDC forecasts.


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