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IT and Media news week 32

The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 32


Europeans trust traditional broadcast and print media more as news source than online news platforms. 67% of Europeans use Facebook. Television dominates as the primary news source (75%) and this is particularly true for older generations. Paying for online news content is still rather the exception. 70% of those who access news online would use only free news services online, according to a Eurobaromter survey published by the European Parliament.

39% of respondents in an international study say they have unintentionally shared false or misleading information. 55% said they shared false or misleading information because they thought it was true. A third say they shared impulsively. The study was made this summer by Poynter Institute for Media Studies, its digital media literacy initiative, MediaWise, and YouGov with support from Google. The survey comprised 8 585 respondents in the US, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, India, and Japan.

The European Parliament is expected to approve quotas for women in leadership roles in EU companies giving companies four years to go from today’s average of 30.6% women to 40%. First European country to introduce this level was Norway that already 2003 took the decision. According to latest statistics women today hold 41.5% of senior management positions in Norway. In Iceland, that often is a top country for women representation, the number is 47.1%.

YouTube’s dominance, Facebook’s fading popularity and TikTok’s growth among teenagers are confirmed in a new survey of social media in the US. Alphabet-owned YouTube is used by 95% of teens, TikTok is number 2 with 67% followed by Instagram and Snapchat while Facebook has fallen to 32%. After that follows Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, Reddit and Tumblr with smaller shares, according to the study by Pew Research Center.

A deal showing trust in markets for local journalism was announced when Axios, focusing on newsletter-like local news services across the US, agreed to be soldfor USD 525 million to regional US newspaper company Cox Enterprises. Axios was started 2016 by the same persons who 2007 started news outlet Politico that recently was sold to Springer as parts of the German publisher’s ambition to grow on the English-speaking market. Axios Local has news service in 24 US cities and has announced plans to expand its coverage to 30 US cities by the end of 2022.


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