The Week That Was. IT and Media news week 46

The Week That Was. IT and Media news week 46

New European rules on how to limit the power and dominance of the world’s big tech companies are now in force. The EU Digital Services Act entered into force on November 16 and the Digital Markets Act is in force since earlier this month. The new rules are meant to increase online competition and put pressure on big tech to be more active in fighting disinformation and harmful content. Here are short summaries of both Acts.

Meta’s Oversight Board overturned Meta’s original decision in a case that raises issues about content moderation in conflict situations. The board stresses complexities in evaluating violent speech in international conflict situations where international law allows combatants to be targeted. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine is internationally recognized as unlawful. The Board urges Meta to revise its policies to take into consideration the circumstances of unlawful military intervention.”

The uncertainties around Twitter continued under Elon Musk’s ownership with staff resigning following Musk’s own cut downs. Amazon was reported to have joined big tech laying off huge numbers of staff. Musk introduced a new form of moderation on his social media website asking its users to vote if ex president Donald Trump should get back his account. “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated”, Musk tweeted after the voting. Trump’s account was shut down after the riots at the US Capitol when a mob wanted to stop the confirmation that Trump has lost the election. 

EU’s privacy watchdog, EDPS, wants more protection for journalists and media, especially against “military-grade spyware”. It welcomes the proposed EU Media Freedom Act but says measures to protect journalists, their sources, and media service providers may not be effective in practice. 

There is ample evidence that the marketing and advertising industry is facing an acute talent crisis, and that this is proving a major obstacle for growth, Stephan Loerke, CEO of World Federation of Advertisers) CEO, said when an industry coalition of ten global marketing and advertising organisations announced plans for a Global DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) Census in March 2023.

Women in the European Union still earn less than men for equal jobs. The average gender pay gap in the EU is 13%. The gap has only been reduced with 2.8 percentage points over 10 years, according to EU statistics. November 15 was European Equal Pay Day.


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