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IT and Media news week 50

The Week That Was. IT and Media news week 50

The European Union requires respect of media freedom and fundamental rights, EU Commissioner Věra Jourová told Twitter-owner Elon Musk after he suspended accounts of journalists writing about him. A spokesperson for Twitter told The Verge that the suspended accounts were related to live sharing of location data which Musk later indirectly confirmed. After a vote among Twitter-users, he opened the accounts again. 

Twitter’s global monthly user base will shrink 3.9% next year and 5.1% in 2024, market research firm Insider Intelligence said in a report published a couple of months after Elon Musk bought the social media company. “Users will start to leave the platform next year as they grow frustrated with technical issues and the proliferation of hateful or other unsavoury content,” said Insider Intelligence’s analyst Jasmine Enberg.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence has more than doubled since 2017, though the proportion of organizations using AI has plateaued between 50 and 60% for the past few years. The report says there is significant room to improve diversity on AI teams. “Consistent with other studies, diverse teams correlate with outstanding performance”, McKinsey said.

91% of organizations in a global survey report at least one cyber incident in the past year, up 3% from last year. 56% say consequences were moderate or large, according to consultancy Deloitte Global.

A record total of 533 journalists are currently detained worldwide, according to Reporters Without Borders. In what is yet another unprecedented figure for RSF, a total of 78 women journalists are currently behind bars. The number of journalists killed has increased again this year – to 57– while 65 journalists are being held hostage and 49 are missing.


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