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A love letter to stray dogs

Zeytin is a star! Tall, long legs and she moves with beauty. She lives in buzzling Istanbul with both glittering luxury and vulnerable Syrian refuges on the streets. Zeytin is a stray and she holds one of the main roles in filmmaker Elizabeth Lo´s film Stray that just has been launched globally on-line.

Stray is a story about how it is to live without status or security. The film follows three strays in Istanbul. Zeytin´s co-stars are Nazar who gets along well with humans and Kartal, the shy puppy.

The film includes quotes from Diogenes, the Greek philosopher. The story has it that the philosopher lived in a barrel on a beach, never washed and was called The Dog. One of his quotes:

“Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards.”

Lo is an award-winning nonfiction filmmaker who says she seeks to find new, aesthetic ways of exploring the boundaries between species, class, and states of personhood. Her short films have been showcased at festivals across North America and Europe, including​ ​Sundance film festival.

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