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Google postponing closing of third party cookies

Google to postpone closing of third part cookies

Google announced a delay of its controversial closing of third party cookies used to target advertising. Google’s Chrome web browser will not fully block tracking cookies until late 2023. This means a delaying by nearly two years the closing that has led to concerns from competitors and regulators saying it would increase Google’s advertising power. it’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right, Google said.

Google has argued that the closing of third party cookies means increased privacy and has said it would introduce a way of targeting advertising by using categories of internet users with similar interests rather than the individual targeting reached by using third party cookies.

“We need to move at a responsible pace, allowing sufficient time for public discussion on the right solutions and for publishers and the advertising industry to migrate their services,” Vinay Goel, privacy engineering director for Chrome, wrote in a blog post.

“We plan to continue to work with the web community to create more private approaches to key areas, including ad measurement, delivering relevant ads and content, and fraud detection.”

“Today, Chrome and others have offered more than 30 proposals, and four of those proposals are available in origin trials. For Chrome, specifically, our goal is to have the key technologies deployed by late 2022 for the developer community to start adopting them.”

“Subject to our engagement with the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and in line with the comittments we have offered, Chrome could then phase out third-party cookies over a three month period, starting in mid-2023 and ending in late 2023. “

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