Metaverse gaming and TikTok will be the 2022 winners

Metaverse gaming and TikTok will be the 2022 winners

Social media app TikTok will reach 1.5 billion active users by 2022 showing it is one of the fastest climbers among social media apps, measurement firm App Annie says in a forecast. This means that the app will reach 1.5 billion in as little as 34 months.

“TikTok has grown at rapid rate compared to social-media rivals in 2021, even after it was banned in India in June 2020 — previously one of their top high-growth markets. TikTok’s global rise could be carving out time away from video streaming providers and attracting significant advertising dollars due to their wide reach and deep user engagement.”

“TikTok will continue as a disruptive and genre-blending force in 2022 as they expand their investment in shopping.”

App Annie says TikTok is poised to break two additional records in 2022: surpassing 3 billion global downloads and $3 billion in global consumer spend across iOS and Google Play, driven by in-app purchases benefiting live streamers in the creator economy.

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After Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s fascination of the metaverse – a borderless network of platforms – App Annie now predicts that metaverse apps are on the rise.

“In 2022, world-building functionalities that allow users to interact in real-time through their virtual avatars will captivate audiences and capture share of wallet. Smartphones give users the ability to participate in a metaverse from their fingertips, cementing mobile’s role as a linchpin form factor for this sector of gaming.”

The company says that Facebook’s re-name to ‘Meta’ is another testament to the predicted growth in demand for metaverses.

“The gaming industry is evolving quickly and player empowerment is at the heart of the next wave of innovation. Play-to-earn models — games that allow players to monetize in an open economy — combined with metaverses which emphasize players’ self-expression will be the biggest drivers of mobile gaming innovation in 2022”, the forecast says.

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