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Gaming time is declining worldwide

Gaming is a globally established online entertainment with 80% of consumers playing video games and 85% engaging with games in some form, like viewing games and participating in gaming communities, But average gaming time is declining worldwide, gaming data firm Newzoo says in a Global Gamer Study comprising 73 000 consumers across 36 markets.

Console and PC gamers are the biggest spenders. They spend more on average than mobile gamers with a solid share of console and PC players spending more than $25 per month on gaming.

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Key findings: 

  • 80% of consumers worldwide play video games 
  • 85% of consumers engage with games in one form or another, with 80% playing games and 64% viewing content from the video game realm. 35% of consumers engage in other ways, such as joining online gaming communities or creating gaming-related content. 
  • Gen Alpha and Gen Z gamers are the most engaged. Over 90% of them engage with games, with 86% of Gen Z consumers playing games in the last 12 months.
  • $25/month is how much 22% of console and 15% of PC players spend on average.
  • Average playtime is declining worldwide, and fewer titles and studios are gaining a larger share of engagement. 
  • However, nearly a third of PC or console players often look for new, trending games, and PC or console players are also more likely to engage with pay-to-play (P2P) games than mobile players. Over a quarter of console players mostly or only play P2P games.
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