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twitter acquires scroll

Twitter’s ambitions are larger than people suspect, says Scroll

What’s next

Scroll will temporarily pause new sign-ups. Following the acquisition, Twitter will be working to include Scroll into Twitter’s subscription plans and prepare to grow Scroll’s publisher network, while continuing supporting the existing community of customers and publishers on Scroll, and new publishers interested in joining Scroll can sign up on their website for the latest updates.

Scroll calculates each member’s distribution individually and rewards sites based on the time you spend reading their articles. We also give sites an additional bonus if you read their site a lot.


A warning to ‘the other platforms’?

The blogpost by Scroll CEO Tony Haile finishes with a very interesting list about what he has learned from the team at Twitter during the months that they have been working on the acquisition:

  1. Their care for the communities and the journalists and creators that serve them is not isolated to the people who are explicitly paid to care about such things. That sense of service permeates the whole company. Seeing that has been a unique experience.
  2. Twitter’s ambitions are larger than people suspect. The burst of innovation and activity we are now seeing is the output of a team that are thoughtfully, methodically putting together the capabilities to meet those ambitions.
  3. Analysts joke that Twitter suffers in comparison to other platforms because the value realized by third parties from Twitter is far greater than the value it is able to capture for itself. They see this as a weakness. It is a strength. When you see Spaces, Revue or Scroll, you see Twitter focused on expanding, not encroaching on the value it helps others to create. Twitter is marching to the beat of a different drum and knows success will come from a bigger pie not a larger slice.

This will probably mean that while Google and Facebook are pouring ‘charity’ money to the publishers in order to avoid regulation in search and advertising revenues, Twitter will chose a path more similar to Microsoft’s who is sharing revenues with publishers via its MSN aggregator. 


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