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Gener8 browser

Gener8: the browser that doesn’t grab your data for free

Do you get annoyed when you mention something to a friend and then your mobile shows you a relevant ad? Do you unwillingly accept all cookies, so that you can access a website? Do you get angry when your partner gets served ads from things that you have been browsing through?

Gener8 is a British tech start-up working on a new browser that may have a solution for you!

Starting from the belief that the advertising industry needs more transparency and that people should be able to control their own data, Gener8 technology aims at giving people the control that is currently missing.

How does it work? By installing the browser, the user can either
– choose a Privacy Mode, where Gener8 allows a private browsing experience by stopping companies from tracking the user.
– or choose Rewards mode, where you get to see ads but you earn points any time your data is used and you can redeem them for products, vouchers or donations to charity.
In Rewards Mode Gener8 monetises your data on your behalf by tailoring the adverts that you see and by anonymising your data and using it for research. In return, you earn points which you can exchange for products, vouchers or donations to charity in Gener8’s marketplace.

They also claim that:

  • wherever possible, they automatically block all the allow cookies banners (but do not explain the limitations of that).
  • Auto stop Facebook from tracking the user

The browser is built using the Chromium project and users can keep all their bookmarks, extensions and features.

According to the company’s website, 83% of their users chose to share their data – and that is the base of the information that Gener8 uses to work with advertisers and create value for all parties. According to Gener8’s pitch in the British show Dragon’s Den, users can get a monthly reward that varies between 5 to 25 GBP.

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