Office health a priority after the pandemic

Office health a priority after the pandemic

Well-being is a priority for both employees and their bosses. The pandemic has changed the workplace. The nine-to-five has changed and no one wants to be working from home and be available all the time. A new survey shows that both employees and C-suite are struggling to prioritize their well-being. The time for action is now, the report says. 70% of the C-suite are seriously considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being.

These are conclusions of a survey comprising 2,100 employees and C-level executives across four countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia made by consultancy Deloitte and research firm Workplace Intelligence.

56% of employees think that their company’s executives care about their well-being. However, 91% of C-suite believe that employees feel their leaders care about them.

”It’s a notable gap, one that the C-suite must work to address”, Deloitte stresses.

”But the time for action is now since the requirements around this will only continue to grow as empowered workers demand more from their employers. In fact, the long-term success of many organizations may depend on whether they can rise to the challenge of addressing workforce well-being, given that 57% of employees said they may soon quit for a more supportive job.”

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To make more progress in this area, 86% of executives say they’d welcome some type of support. 48% would like an executive training program focused on matters of health, 44% would benefit from seeing other executives prioritize matters of health, and 40% need more support from health experts within their company

Deloitte says results indicatee that the C-suite should be doing much more to understand the needs of their workers and demonstrate that they truly care about their holistic well-being.

76% of the C-suite said that the pandemic has negatively affected their well-being, and fewer than two out of three employees rated various dimensions of their health as “excellent” or “good”.

  • 43% of employees and 36% of C-suite said they are exhausted;
  • 42% om employees and 41% of C-suite said they are stressed;
  • 40% of C-suite and 35% of employees said they are overwhelmed;
  • 30% of C-suite and 24% of employees feel lonely;
  • 26% of C-suite and 23% of employees are depressed.
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In contrast with what employees reported, more than eight out of 10 global executives believe their people are thriving in all aspects of their well-being.

Only 47% of workers believe their executives understand how difficult the pandemic has been for them, while 90% of the C-suite say they do recognize how challenging it’s been. 53% of employees feel that their company’s executives have been making the best decisions for their well-being during the pandemic, 88% of the C-suite believe their decision-making has been exemplary.

”Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic—or even partly because of them—people across the globe are laser-focused on their health in 2022.”

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91% of all respondents have goals for their well-being, and 75% of employees and 89% of the C-suite say that improving their well-being is a top priority for them this year.

68% of employees and 81% of the C-suite say that improving their well-being is more important than advancing their career.

“Although respondents are motivated to improve their well-being, the path forward won’t be easy. Most employees (83%) and executives (74%) say they’re facing obstacles when it comes to achieving their well-being goals—and these are largely tied to their job. In fact, the top two hurdles that people cited were a heavy workload or stressful job (30%), and not having enough time because of long work hours (27%).”

Overall, 63% of employees and 73% of the C-suite reported that they aren’t able to take time off and disconnect. When asked why, respondents said that they have too much work to do (24%), they want people to know they’re dedicated to their job (22%), and no one would be able to cover for them while they’re away (22%). One out of four executives said they don’t disconnect because their workload would be unmanageable when they return (25%) and they’re afraid they would miss out on important messages or emails (24%).

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In one respect, the C-suite does enjoy an advantage over employees: in the way that work affects their physical, mental, and social health.  91% of employees and 97% of the C-suite say their job plays a role in determining their well-being, but whether this is a positive or negative effect differs significantly between these two groups. Employees were far less likely than the C-suite to say their job is beneficial for their well-being.

”But even though the C-suite executives were more positive about their job’s role in their well-being, they were more likely than employees to say they’d leave their role for a job that better supports their well-being. While 57% of employees are seriously considering quitting for a more supportive job, nearly seven out of 10 executives are thinking about taking this leap.”

”One reason for the difference may be that compared to employees, executives are often in a stronger financial position that affords them the ability to seek out new career opportunities at their own pace.”


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