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The Week That Was: IT and Media news week 20

Use of generative AI has nearly doubled in the last six months. 75%of global knowledge workers are using it. The pressure to make AI profitable is making leaders inert. While leaders agree AI is a business imperative, many believe their organisation lacks a plan and vision to go from individual impact to applying AI to drive the bottom line.  66% of leaders say they would not hire someone without AI skills, a report from Microsoft and Microsoft-owned LinkedIn says. 

A growing shortage of IT skills is impacting all industries across all regions. By 2026, more than 90% of organisations worldwide will feel the pain of the IT skills crisis, amounting to some $5.5 trillion in losses caused by product delays, impaired competitiveness, and loss of business, market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) says in a report.

What type of new jobs will be created when companies use artificial intelligence? 67% of mature organisations are creating new roles for GenAI and 87% of them have a dedicated AI team, according to a survey in Germany, UK and US by market research firm Gartner. Overall, the data and analytics (D&A) team should appoint a Head of AI who is accountable for the development and implementation of strategies within the organisation, Jorg Heizenberg, VP Analyst at Gartner says at the company’s website.

Out of the total online population, 72% of women play video games and half of women players are also payers. Women and men who play games consider diversity in games important, with 65% of men and 62% of women agreeing, video game data company Newzoo reports in a blog post. 


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