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Remote working

Remote working here to stay


Remote working here to stay? 90% of HR leaders plan to allow staff to work remotely at least part-time also when the vaccine against the covid is widely used, according
COVID-19 vaccines

Google fighting misinformation about vaccine


The Google News Initiative launched a global open fund to fight misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, worth up to USD 3 million. The “COVID-19 Vaccine Counter Misinformation Open Fund” aims to
Wearable devices

Remote work and health tracking drive wearable devices


Rise in remote work and health monitoring during the pandemic is increasing the interest in wearable devices, marketing and research company Gartner says. Worldwide end-user spending on wearable devices will
US suing Facebook

US Department of Justice suing Facebook


US federal trade commission and more than 45 state prosecutors have sued Facebook saying the company is taking illegal actions to buy up rivals and stifle competition. The lawsuits come
Australia and Facebook

Australia forcing IT giants to pay publishers


Australia has finalised plans to make Facebook and Google pay its media outlets for news content. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the Big Tech firms must negotiate payments to publishers and
App Store privacy feature

App Store launching privacy feature


Apple announced it will remove apps from its App Store if they don’t comply with an upcoming privacy feature allowing users to block advertisers from tracking them across different applications.

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