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Week 27

THE WEEK THAT WAS: The 8 things you need to know

G20 finance ministers have supported the proposal to fight multinational companies’ tax avoidance and introduce a minimum global corporate tax rate of 15%. The proposal was first signed at a recent meeting in England by the G7 major economies.

Facebook’s Oversight Board criticized the company’s management for not implementing important rules that have a clear bearing on the worldwide discussion about what can be said on social media. The board management had not implemented an important exemption to its rules on dangerous individuals and organisations for three years. The board believes that this has led to a number of posts wrongly have been removed over the last three years.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order that is seen as his so far strongest effort of promoting competition and aimed at the dominance of big tech companies. “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation,” Biden was quoted saying  at signing event.

Around 30 US state attorneys general made another attack on the dominance of Google’s Android on the app market. They argue that Google’s promotion of its own app store within its Android mobile operating system violates antitrust law. The lawsuit is the third in a row of similar attempts arguing that Google is abusing its dominance.

Investigative Dutch crime reporter Peter R de Vries was shot and seriously wounded on a street in Amsterdam just minutes after participating in a TV chat show. Three suspects have been arrested, according to news reports. De Vries is well known in Holland for his exposé of underground gangs.

Donald Trump filed lawsuits in the federal court in Florida, against Twitter, Facebook, and Google, on the grounds of silencing conservative viewpoints. Last month, Facebook Oversight Board had announced that Trump’s account would be suspended at least until January 2023.

European digital advertising growth last year was the slowest since 2006. The 2020 growth was 6.3% to be compared with av average growth of 19.5% from 2006 to 2019. During the financial crisis 2008/2009, digital advertising in Europe grew 8.9%.

Twitter was instructed by a French court to provide clear details on what the company is doing to get to grips with hate speech, according to French Jewish student association UEJF that has quoting a French court.

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