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Spotify says Nostalgia is a 2021 trend

Spotify says “Nostalgia” is the 2021 trend

Nostalgia played a role in people’s listening in 2021 as fans rediscovered old favourites—and new generations adopted them as well, Spotify said in an early summary of 2021. With ratings
Adele no shuffle Spotify

Adele ‘unshuffled’ on Spotify

Adele’s huge success made it possible for her to dictate (to some extend) the Spotify features on her album: the ‘Shuffle’ function got downgraded so that the users get to
Olympia restored using AI

An Olympic stadium that still stands

The ancient Olympia, the original home of the Olympic games, is digitally restored and preserved by a cooperation between the Greek ministry for culture and sport and Microsoft using AI.

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